Vendor InformationCompetenciesReview
Helix MedicalMolding, Extrusion, Packaging, Sterilization, Automation, Prototyping, Assemblies
Process Challenge DevicesBiological Indicators, Chemical Indicator Testing, Steam Autoclave Testing, Sterilization Exposure and Culturing Studies
Mangar Industries Inc.Sterilization Pouches, Die-Cut Lids, Mounting Cards
Parter Sterilization Services, LLCEtO Sterilization of Products, Sterilization Services, Warehouse, Long Term Product Storage
Specialty Blades, Inc.Cutting Blades, Heat Treating, Laser Cutting - Welding - Marking, Laser Swiss Machining, Machining Medical Components, Nitinol Shape Setting, Packaging, Photo Etching, Plastic Molding, Pointing, Quick Tubing and Wire, Rapid Prototyping - Adrenaline, Sharpening - Grinding, Stamping - Metal Stamping, Sterilization, Supply Chain Management, Tube Fabrication, Assembly - Final Assembly, Cleaning and Passivation, Coatings - Performance Enhancing, Contract Manufacturing, Design For Manufacturing, EDM - Wire, Ram and Sink EDM, Electro-Chemical Edge Enhancement, Forming - Deburring
Tegra MedicalHypotube, Mandrel, Contract Manufacturing, Prototyping and Pilot Production, Wire and Hypodermic Tubing, Laser Cutting, Welding, Drilling, Ablating & Marking, Precision Grinding, CNC Swiss Machining, CNC Milling & Turning, Electrical Discharge Machining, Gundrilling, Electrochemical Machining & Deburring, Precision Metal Stamping, Custom and Specialty Needles, Nitinol Shape Setting, Wire & Tube Forming, Insert and Injection Molding, Cleaning and Finishing, Electropolishing, Citric Passivation, Assembly/Packaging/Sterilization
Blue Line Sterilization ServicesEO Sterilization
SterigenicsSterilization Testing, Gamma Irradiation, Ethylene Oxide (EO), Electron Beam (E-Beam), Packaged Materials Sterilization, Laboratory Testing, Consulting Services, Advanced Radiation Processing
LexaMed, LtdSterilization, Microbiology, Consulting Services, Laboratory Testing, Validation Services, Environmental Monitoring, Auditing, Testing Sterilization Packaging Systems, Regulatory Assistance
QosinaStock Components, Applicators, Swabs & Brushes, Bags, Clamps & Clips, Connectors, Containers, Dilators & Introducer Sheaths, Dispensers, Drapes, Towels & Bandages, Extension Lines, Filters, Guide Wire & Catheter Accessories, Injection & Sampling Ports, Needles, Ports & Flanges, Scoops & Spoons, Spikes, Sterilization Supplies, Stopcocks, Syringes, Tools, Tubing, Valves