Precious Metals

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Johnson MattheyNitinol (Tubing, Wire, Sheet, Foil), Precious Metals, Radiopaque Markers, Electrode Tips and Rings, Tip Coils, Pacemakers, Defibrillators, Wire EDM, Grinding, Milling and Turning, Coating and Electroplating
Medicoil (A division of R&L Spring Company )Welding Spring Wire, Coiling and Winding, Pacing Helixes, Precious Metals, Wire Forms
Deringer-Ney Inc.Precious Metals, Assembly & Contract Manufacturing, Cold Heading and Cold Forming, Metal Joining, Metal Forming, Precision Machining, Stamping and Microstamping, Wireforming, Welding, Precision Machining, Custom Insert Molding