Polymers & Plastics

Vendor InformationCompetenciesReview
LubrizolPolymer Resins, Medical Manufacturing Solution (Vesta)
Putnam PlasticsExtrusion, Catheter, Polymer Marker Band, Laser Welding, Tipping, RF Welding, Plasma Etching, Insert Molding
Poly-Med, Inc.Implantable Grade Polymers, Contract Manufacturing, Analytical Services
Secant MedicalKnitted Polyester, PET Mesh, Material Analysis, Biomedical Textiles, Biomaterials, Bioresorbable Resin, Polymer Processing
Foster CorporationCustom Resin Compound, Compounding, Custom Resin Compound, Radiopaque Compounds, Custom Colored Polymers, Elastomeric Compounds, Implantable Formulations, Fluoropolymer Compounds, Antimicrobial Formulations, Lubricious Compounds, Melt Compounding, Toll Compounding, Clean Room Compounding, Dry Blending
Vention MedicalBalloons, Polymer Tubing, Heat Shrink Tubing, Prototyping, Extrusion, Pilot Manufacturing, Quality & Regulatory Services
AdvanSource BiomaterialsPolymers, Hydrophilic Polymers, Coatings, Elastomer
ZeusBeading and Tubing, FEP HS, Extrusion, Fluoropolymer Extruded Tubing, Bioabsorbable Extrusions, ePTFE, PTFE Tubing, Peelable Heat Shrink
SpectralyticsLaser Cutting, Laser Welding, Laser Drilling, USP Cutting (COLD), Off-Axis Tube Cutting, Hole Drilling, Wire Stripping/Ablation, Profiling/Shaping & Skiving, Laser Cutting Polymer, Marking, Electropolishing, Heat Treating and Passivating Metal Components
Rose MedicalDilator, Tip Forming – Catheters, Assembly, Device Finishing & Secondary Operations, Wire-Reinforced Silicone Tubes, Silicone-Tipped Wire-Reinforced Shaft, Wire-Reinforced Silicone Tubes Single- and Multi-Lumen, Single-Lumen Wire-Reinforced (Tipped and Notched), Multi-Lumen Wire-Reinforced Cannula (Hole-Punched, Notched, and Tipped), Medical Ultrasound-Readable Thermoplastic Tip, Balloons, Medical Heat Shrink, Pad Printing, Medical Sheath
Scientific AnimationsMedical Animation, Cardiology Animation, Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery Animation, Dental Animation, Digestive System Animation, ENT Animation, Gynecology Animation, Medical Equipment Animation, Neurology Animation, Ophthalmology Animation, Orthopedic Animation, Radiology Animation, Urology Animation, Vascular Access Animation
Sil-ProSilicon Molding, Thermoplastic Molding, Silicone Extrusion, Machining
LA ContainerLab Grade Plastics Containers, Hot-Stamping / Labeling, Shrink Bands, Ball Chains, Polyurethane Foam Inserts, Hinged-lid Vials
Stellar TechnologiesSwiss Machining, Micromachining, Machining Centers, Nitinol Processing, Support Services, Laser Processing, Wire Coiling, Grinding, Wire and Plunge EDM, Laser Welding, Laser Assembly, Soldering, Plasma Welding, Resistance Welding, Insert Silicon Molding, Insert Thermoplastic Molding, Silicone Insert Molding, Centerless Grinding, Mechanical Assembly, Catheter Tipping, Wire Coil Winding
Triad Plastic TechnologiesMolded Plastic Parts, Mold Manufacturing, Injection Molding, Circuit Board Assembly
T.O. PlasticsThermoform Trays, Packaging, Plastics
International Polymer Engineering (IPE)ePTFE Tubing, ePTFE Membrane, ePTFE Rod, ePTFE Sheet, FluoroFlex, Thermoplastics Extrusion
Wright Engineered PlasticsCustom Plastic Injection Molding
Trax Industrial ProductsTools / Supplies, Clean Room Curtains, Plastic Strip Doors, Bulk Roll Material, Data Center Containment, Laser Barriers, Welding Curtains, Custom Covers
Specialty Blades, Inc.Cutting Blades, Heat Treating, Laser Cutting - Welding - Marking, Laser Swiss Machining, Machining Medical Components, Nitinol Shape Setting, Packaging, Photo Etching, Plastic Molding, Pointing, Quick Tubing and Wire, Rapid Prototyping - Adrenaline, Sharpening - Grinding, Stamping - Metal Stamping, Sterilization, Supply Chain Management, Tube Fabrication, Assembly - Final Assembly, Cleaning and Passivation, Coatings - Performance Enhancing, Contract Manufacturing, Design For Manufacturing, EDM - Wire, Ram and Sink EDM, Electro-Chemical Edge Enhancement, Forming - Deburring
Star Die CompanyDie for Presentation Folders, Folding Cartons, CD Sleeves, Mailers, Labels, Gaskets, Plastic Packaging, Clam Shells
Parflex Division - TexLocBeading and Tubing, Heat Shrink Tubing, Plastic Tubing, Valves, Fittings, Hose and Tubing Accessories, Adapters, Hose Crimpers and Swagers
Henry Plastic Molding, Inc.Plastic Molded Parts, Injection Molding, Clean Environment Injection Molding, Structural Foam Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Over Molding
LabProDistributor of Laboratory Products, Dispensing Equipment, Heating & Cooling , Lab Balances & Scales , Mixing & Stirring , Lab Safety Equipment , Laboratory Test Instruments , Ultrasonic Cleaners , Vacuum Pumps , Lab Apparel & Cleanroom Supplies , Lab Glassware , Lab Plasticware , Lab Tools & Lab Instruments , Microscopes
Elite Plastics (div. of GM Nameplate)Molding, 2nd OPS and Pad Printing of Plastic Components, Hot Stamping, Laser Etching, Pad Printing, Screen Printing
Western Filament Inc.Textiles, Chemicals, Plastics, Expandable Sleeving, Polyester Tapes, Heat Shrinkable Polyester, Kevlar Tape, Fiberglass Tape, Polyester/Fiberglass Tape