3D (Printing Services, Printers, Scanners, Surfacing, Scanning)


Adhesives (UV, Cyanoacrylate, Epoxy, Silicone, Heat Seal)

Analytical Services & Engineering Consulting (Surface Analysis, Material Characterization, Engineering, Scientific Consulting, Failure Analysis, Fatigue, Corrosion, Tribology, Tensile Evaluation, X-Ray, Fluoro)

Animal Studies / Pre-clinical Studies (GLP / Non-GLP)
Animation and Illustration (Cardiology, Medical Equipment, Plastic Surgery, Digestive, ENT, Gynecology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic, Radiology, Urology, Vascular)


Beading & Tubing (Heat Shrink, Polyimide, FEP, PTFE, Metal, Hypodermic, Hypotube, Custom, Stainless Steel, Polymer, ePTFE)
Bottled Gas


CAD Services (Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping, 3D)
CER / Cleanroom Accessories / Lab Accessories
CER / Cleanroom Services  (Microbiological Sampling & Analysis, CER Monitoring, Personnel Certification & Training, Cleanroom Audits and Training, Environmental Monitoring, Cleanroom Construction Services)
Chemical, Solvents, Water
Coatings (Hydrophilic, PTFE, PVD, Parylene, Ceramic, Powder, Liquid, Vinyl,  Lubricious, Antimicrobial, Ultrasonic, Silicone, Hemocompatiable, Drug Delivery)
Coils (Coil, Coiling, Medical Coil, Compression Coil)
Competent Authority (DEKRA, TUV, FDA)
Compounding (Custom Resin, Radiopaque, Elastomeric, Fluoropolymer, Lubricious Compounds, Custom Colored Polymers, Implantable Formulations, Antimicrobial Formulations, Melt Compounding, Toll Compounding, Clean Room Compounding, Dry Blending)
Consulting (Consultant, Animation, Regulatory, R&D, Quality, Print, Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Legal, Clinical, Preclinical, V&V, Intellectual Property, Scientific, Engineering, Technical, Design)
Contract (Designing, Manufacturing, Product Development, Packaging, Programming)
Courier Services (Shipping, Delivery, Logistic, Overnight Delivery, Ground Delivery, Pick Up, Packaging, Freight, Parcel Delivery)
Custom (Logo Creation, Enclosures, Fabrication, Styrofoam, Foam Inserts, Packaging, Covers)


Distributor (Hardware, Metalworking, Industrial Supplies, Laboratory Products, Fastener, On-line, Electronic Components, Endmill, General Products)
Document Control Services (Document Control Services, Safe Secure Storage of Records and Data, Document Management, Document Shredding, Documentation, Paper Destruction)


Electrical Installation Services
Electronic (Electronic Components, Electronic Parts, Electronic Devices, Flex Circuits, Printed Electronics, Touch Panels, Custom Electronics, Connectors, Cable Assembly, PCBA)
Equipment / Instrument (Measurement, Heating, Manufacturing, Welding, Electrical, UV Curing, Repair Service, Lab, Calibration, Dispense, Wire Stripping, Tube Cutting, Braider, Data Acquisition, Vision Measuring System, Laser Welder)
Extrusions & Catheters (Catheters, Tubing, Balloon, Dilator, Braiding, Coiling, Shaft, Micro Catheter, Custom, ePTFE, Silicone, Tipping, Hole Punching, Flaring, Curving, Bioabsorable)


Fabric and Textile
Forming (Wire, Vacuum, Pressure, Tube)


Heat Treatments & Surface Treatments (Stress Relieving, Annealing, Age Hardening, Tempering, Micro-Blasting, Deburring, Tumbling, Abrasive Blasting, Texturing, Cleaning)


Janitorial (Services, CER, Housekeeping, Janitorial Supplies, Bathroom, Maintenance, Daytime Cleaning)


Labels (Manufacturing, Stocks, Packaging, Hazard, Lab, Barcode, Mailing, Laser, CD, Shipping, Inkjet Labeling)
Laser (Cutting, Welding, Drilling, Ablation, Sintering, Marking, Engraving, Etching, Micro Welding, Scanning)


Machine (Lathe, Bandsaw, CNC, Milling, Coating, Micromolding)
Machining (Machining, Micro-Machining, Swiss Machining, Milling, Lathe, Turning, Grinding, CNC, Drilling, EDM, Precision, Fixture, Cutting, Swaging, Flaring, Bulging)
Manufacturers' Representatives
Marketing (Promotional Materials, Marketing Materials, Booths, Event, Buzz, Brand Enhancement, Event, Media, Production, Graphic)
Medical Models (Anatomical, Training, Cardio Models, Silicone, Valve, AAA, Vascular, Orthopedic, General & Gastrointestinal, Cardiothoracic, Reproductive & Urological, ENT, Wetlab, Glass, Arterial, Venous, Bilateral)
Metal (Custom, Strip, Wire, Titanium, Alloys, Nickle, Elgiloy, Coated Wire, Wire Forming, Flattening, Hydroforming)
Microscope / Videoscope / Camera (Micro Cameras, CMOS, CCD, Camera, Inspection System)
Molding (Silicone, Thermoplastic, Plastic, Ceramic, Micro, Powder Injection, Injection, Insert, Over, Dip, Metal Injection Molding (MIM), LIM, Liquid Silicone, Fused Deposition, Glass, Structural Foam Injection Molding, Rubber, Elastomeric)


Nitinol (Wires, Sheets, Tubes, Ribbons, EDM, Shape Setting, Processing)


Off the Shelf (Mandrel, Hypotube, Nitinol Wire, Nitinol Tube, PTFE coated Mandrels, PTFE coated Hypotube)
Office Supplies
Organs (Human, Ovine, Porcine, Canine, Cadaver, Eyes, Heart, Kidney, Valve)


Packaging (Stretch Wrap, Tape, Water Activated Tape, Boxes, Pads, Pouches, Clean Room, Supplies, Secondary Packaging, Plastic)
Patent Law / IP (Trade Mark, Litigation, Copyrights)
Pest Control (Pest Damage Repair)
Plating and Passivation Services (Electropolishing, Passivation, Anodizing, Plating, Polishing, Buffing, Texturing, Etching, Chemical Processing, Nickle Plating, Citric)
Polymers & Plastics (Resin, Implantable Grade, Pebax, Polyurethane, Nylon, Tecothane, Carbothane, PEBA)
Precious Metals
Printing Services (Pad Printing, Screen Printing, Online Printing, Raised Printing, Scanning, Variable Data Printing, Logo Creation, Electrode)
Prototyping (3D, Printing, Scanning, Machining, Formed Wire Components, Catheter, Shaft, Shape Setting, Forming, Fusing, Fixture, Rapid)


Recycling (Office Waste, Electronic, Batteries)


Seals (O-ring, Custom Seals, Sealants)
Services (Calibration, Preventive Maintenance, HVAC, Equipment., Scientific Instruments, R&D Inspn., First Article, Fixture & Gage Calibration, Hardness Testing,  Surface Finish Analysis, Video Inspn., Non-contact CNC and manual video inspn., Instron Eqpt, Scanning Inspection, Porosity Inspection)
Springs (Stock, Custom, Compression)
Staffing Agencies & Employment Services / Recruiter
Stamping (Microstamping, Hot, Die, Custom Metal, Metal, Sheet Metal)
Standards (ISO, ANSI, ASTM, IEC, CSA)
Sterilization (EtO, Gamma, Radiation, Steris, Ebeam, Autoclave)
Stock Components (Luer fitting, Tubing, Pouches,  Tuohy Borst Adapter, Med. Tubing Flanges, Med. Closures, Hand Pumps,  Tubing Clamps, Male Luer, Needlefree Swabable, Tube End Drain, Pressure /Relief, One-Way, Luer Activated  Luer Lock Access - Valves)
Storage & Archiving (Electronic, Paper Records, Data, Warehousing, Product)
Suture (Monofilament, Threads, Braided, Multifilament, Waxed, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, Silk)


Technical Writing
Testing Services (Biocompatibility, Microbiological, Transit, Packaging, Chemistry, Metallurgical, Failure Analysis, Lifecycle Testing, Combination Prod., Finite Element Analysis, Biomaterials, Med. Implant Wear, Spine Biomechanics & Wear Simulation Lab, Bioburden, LAL, Cytotoxicity, Materials, Chemical Indicator, Steam Autoclave, Toxicology)
Torque cable
Training (Safety, Audits, Physician & Clinical Bio-skill)
Translation Services (Translation, Linguistic Validation, Review Services)


Used Lab Equipment & Instruments (Microscopes, Scientific Instruments, Chillers, Hoods, Hot Plates, Ovens, Pumps, Waterbaths, Endoscope)


Waste Disposal (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Recycling of Office Waste, Hazardous, Scrap Material Destruction Services, Electronics, Batteries, Bulbs, Paper)
Welding (Laser, RF, Resistance, Arc welding, Brazing, Friction Welding, Ultrasonic, Plasma)
Wire & Cable (Connector, Coax, Assembly)

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