Analytical Services & Engineering Consulting

Vendor InformationCompetenciesReview
Surpass, LLCAnimal Studies (GLP or Non-GLP), Testing Services Overview, Research Models, GLP Studies & FDA Assistance, Physician & Clinical Bio-Skills Training, Cadaver Testing & Training, Histopathology & Analytical Testing
Poly-Med, Inc.Implantable Grade Polymers, Contract Manufacturing, Analytical Services
Validation Systems, Inc. (VSI)CER Monitoring & Testing, Project Management and Project Plans, Design Review, Validation Master Plans/Risk-based Strategies, Construction Qualification, Facility Utility System and Equipment Validations, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Preventative Maintenance Procedures (PM) Writing, Computer-Related System Validation, QC Analytical Equipment Validation, Process and Cleaning Validation, Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies, User Requirements/Functional Specifications, Traceability Matrix, Quality Manual and Quality System Procedures Writing, Gap Analysis and Quality Audits
ToxikonAnalytical and Bioanalytical, Biocompatibility, Biomaterial, Extractables and Leachables, Genetic and Molecular, Microbiology, and Mammalian, and Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Testing
ExponentEngineering and Scientific Consulting, Biocompatibility, Combination Products, Finite Element Analysis for Medical Devices & Biomaterials, Intellectual Property, Medical Device Regulatory Consulting, Medical Implant Wear, Fatigue & Corrosion Testing, Spine Biomechanics, Spine Wear Simulation Laboratory
Scanning Technology Solutions, Inc.Scanning Inspection Services, CGI Scanning, Laser scanning, Porosity Inspection, Contract Scanning, Reverse Engineering from Scan Data to ProEngineer Solid Models
HCLSoftware Application, Engineering Services, R&D Services
AmetekChatillion, Measurement and Test Equipment, Materials and Engineering Components, Motion Control